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Shorten Up Your Putter

By Greg Ellis

Many times my monthly tip for the followers of is from personal experience. This month's tip is no different. We all have areas of the game that we struggle with, looking for the secret to success. Putting is a key to every golfer's game. When you are asked how you played, the common response is, "I hit the ball well but my putting was off." Here is a sure cure to some of your putting woes.

In the past, I have talked about how to line up putts and the importance of line and speed are all you need. It is never the long putts that are missed that worry the golfer. It is the short putts; 5 to 6 feet and in that make or break a round.

With this in mind, go through your usual pre-shot routine for putting long putts and make it your goal to get the ball into a 6 to 12 inch circle around the hole. First of all, thinking this way you will be amazed at how many putts actually go in. If you should happen to miss, do not fear that short putt any longer!

For your longer putts, grip the club to its full length just like when you hit full golf shots. When you get over the putt that is 5 to 6 feet from the hole and in, choke down on the putter about 3 inches. The reason for this is similar to when you chip around the green. By choking down on the putter 3 inches, you will have more control of the putter and be able to make shorter more controlled strokes and keep the putter on line. If you have chosen the correct line, this will insure that the ball can stay on your line and go in the hole. The longer the putting stroke, on the short putts, the more chance there is for a deceleration into the ball and the putter face getting offline. Choking down on the putter will allow you much more solid struck putts when attempting those important winning putts.

Practice this and if you have any challenges with this, please feel free to contact Greg at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia.

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