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Every Putt is a Straight Putt - Sort of

By Greg Ellis

Quite often, I have an opportunity to assist golfers with their putting. Amazingly, their putting stroke was like their golf swing. Manipulating the golf club to get the ball on line is not the way to hit golf shots or to putt. I just gave this tip on July 27th on the Bunker to Bunker Golf Show; so I thought it would be a great tip for August.

Every putt is a straight putt. You pick a line and roll the ball on the line directly at the hole. Therefore, follow these easy steps to learn how to putt on your line and tallow the contour of the green to control the roll into the hole:

* Remember, putting takes imagination. You must have a vision of what path the ball must take to get into the hole. Be aware of the contours on the green. Is the putt going down hill; left to right; right to left; uphill or straight?

* Set up approximately fifteen feet from the hole.

* Once you have determined the line of the putt, lay down a piece of string on the intended line.

* Get you body set up parallel to that line.

* Make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball and that your arms hang freely beneath you shoulders to allow you to swing the putter back and through in a pendulum motion. Your wrists should not break during the putting stroke.

* For left to right breaking putts, play the ball more forward in you stance and for right to left breaking putts move the ball back toward the middle of your stance. Place your weight so that you have more weight (60% - 40%) on your foot closest to the hole. This will brace you to insure that you don't sway.

* Stroke the putt on the line that you have laid out on the green. If you have set up the correct line, the ball will go in if the speed of the putt is correct. If the speed is correct and the ball breaks more or less than expected, adjust the string accordingly. Once you have chosen the correct line, hit fifty putts on that line. After hitting fifty putts with the string down, remove the string and putt fifty more putts and watch your results.

* Once you have conquered this putt, set up another putt and repeat the process until you become more comfortable with the concept of stroking the putt on the line...and not lining up at the hole and pushing or pulling the putt to hit the ball on line.

Have fun and remember, if you need help with this tip or any other, feel free to email Greg at or call him for a lesson at 623.328.5107.

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