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Tim Cate


Getting to Know the Cape Fear National Golf Course

An interview with Tim Cate, one of the top golf course designers in the Southeast United States and designer of Cape Fear National.

By Jamie Crisafulli

Cape Fear National, located within the master-planned community of Brunswick Forest is a beautifully executed and meticulously designed 18-hole golf course that is one of the top-ranked in North Carolina thanks very much in part to Tim Cate.

What sets Cape Fear National apart from other golf courses in the Wilmington area?
Detail application both on the golf course and in the areas that surround the golf course. I started as a landscape architect, which helps me to present the golf course and the areas that surround the golf course in a very sophisticated upscale manner. Many of the hazard areas are aesthetically pleasing, featuring colorful plants and native grasses.

The course features over 1,500 linear feet of bridges, three separate waterfalls, several ponds, strategically placed rock walls, drive-through sand waste areas, beach bunkers that run into the ponds and over 1.5 million cubic yards of earth were moved to design Cape Fear National. The Cypress marsh also frames a couple of the holes on the course. The drainage on this golf course will be unparalleled in the local and regional market.

Can you describe Cape Fear National in a couple of sentences?
A challenging, visually stunning golf course designed to use the natural areas encompassing the golf course to enhance the aesthetics of the golf course and vice versa. Cape Fear National is a fun course to play and is aesthetically unmatched in the Wilmington area.

What features are consistent with Tim Cate designed golf courses?
I only work with high-end golf courses. Quality is always of the utmost of importance to me and if that is not the number one priority of the client, I will pass on the project. I pride myself on designing golf courses that provide an aesthetically pleasing, memorable experience to all levels of golfers.

Every shot needs a challenge, visual interest and difficulty level. I am always 100 percent dedicated to each project ensuring that the courses exceed my client's expectations. I am constantly tweaking the course until the day it is grassed. A great deal of thought and creativity goes into each and every hole and you see that at Cape Fear National.

Were you given any specific directions from the client regarding the design of Cape Fear National?
The client gave me simple instructions, "Build us the best golf course in the Wilmington market" and they provided the resources to accomplish their goal.

What tips would you give to golfers playing Cape Fear National?
Pay close attention to your yardage book and don't bite off more than you can chew. I hope you enjoy playing the golf course as much as I enjoyed designing it.


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