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Avoid Winter Golf Blues


Golf Lessons In Winter

Golf Performance Institute (GPI) of Milwaukee

By Andy Runkel

The cold and snow are here. Dreams of long straight drives down the fairway is still a couple months away. Unless you are one of the fortunate few who get to go away on a golf junket to some special warm destination. Time to achieve those goals we talk about every January. Those goals are losing a few pounds, adding a few yards and making those aging muscles limber again. That's where we come in to help. Golf Performance Institute (GPI) of Milwaukee has the experts to assist you in reaching your goal. As a PGA Teaching professional for more than 15 years and now a Titleist Certified fitness trainer, I can provide you with the direction to make your body work the correct way for golf.

Lessons are a very important part of our winter golf training. When I provide winter instruction, the focus is on fundamentals such as grip, posture, impact and dynamic balance. These important changes are hard to complete during the golf season because golfers often want instant results. When you have only the option of hitting more balls, repetitive feelings in the swing are now more relevant than the result (where the ball goes). How about the machine that moves the club? Ask yourself this "What can I do to make my body move more efficient?"

At GPI, we focus primarily how the body moves during the golf swing. We want to know why you can or cannot move the club on the proper swing plane. We also strive to find the correct clubhead speed for your body and if that speed is being generated. A physical motion evaluation is our screening test that provides your GPI expert the feedback needed to improve muscle strength and flexibility. We combine golf instruction with golf fitness to strengthen your weak or limited areas to improve your overall body movements. Please use these winter months to improve not only your golf swing but your overall health.

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