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Rules Question: Accidental Contact With Ball

The following question was asked to me by a reader: What is the ruling if you strike the ball in a practice swing. The first time, this happened to me was in a high school golf match. I was taking a practice swing with my putter and hit the ball by mistake. I never addressed the ...

Golf Rules Q&A

Q. On the 4th hole, David hits a poor tee shot and, in frustration, slams his club into the turf, bending the shaft. What is the ruling? A. While there is no penalty under the Rules of Golf for his behavior, David may not use that club for the rest of the round as he changed its pl...

Golf Rules Q&A

Let's review some Rules incidents involving wind. Not knowing the correct procedures in the below situations could cause more harm in a round than not mastering the trajectory of your irons. Q1. A player plays his approach shot, and the ball comes to rest on the front edge of the...

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