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Firm Lead Wrist for More Speed

Over the last three months I have experienced various renditions of the golf swing. The biggest common fault is the flipping of the hands. The number one request I get is to hit the ball longer. One k...

Pace Yourself

One of the swing flaws that I see quite often is the inconsistency in the rhythm in which golfers swing the club. If you happened to see the recent Northern Trust Open, you witnessed the smooth even t...

Consistency is the Key

The other day I was giving a golf lesson to one of my very good students and the discussion came up about his lack of consistency in hitting greens, or the lack of hitting greens in regulation. We tal...

I Want To Hit It There

One of our readers requested this month's tip. 95% of all golfers cannot or do not line up to hit the ball to their target. I will watch them practicing and ask one simple question, "Where are you try...

Lesson: The Lag

Jeff was originally from Eau Claire and the head professional at a golf course where I ended up being the teaching pro for 7 years. He was extremely friendly and as we became friends I learned that he...

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