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United States Golf Managers Introduction

The United States Golf Managers Association provides training and certification of golf club professionals, golf course managers and golf resort managers. They GMA is unique in that the classes are taught by real-life golf managers who specialize in teaching all the various topics pertinent to golf management.


The Tournament Experience At Golf Academy Of America Thousands of golf tournaments are held every year in the United States. Golf Academy of America gets its students ready to organize, plan, manage, score and administer successful golf tourna...


Career Options In Golf

Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson tours Golf Academy of America in Orlando for a spotlight on Morning Drive. She speaks with Brad Turner, Orlando campus director and PGA professional about how the curriculum at Golf Academy of America aligns with the game, the business and the technology of golf.


Day In The Life Of A Golf Academy Of America Student

Life is better when you are doing what you like — especially when it's learning about the golf business and how to make a career in the golf industry.


Golf Immersion Plus Business Degree At Golf Academy Of America

The golf industry is big business — as big as $76 billion and supporting 2 million jobs annually. It demands professionals well versed in both the game as well as the nuances of complex business operations. Through our new partnership with New England College of Business, our students are learning the best of both.


United States Golf Teachers Federation Certifications

The United States Golf Teachers Federation trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. It is the largest organization of strictly golf teaching professionals in the world with over 19,000 members. Founded in 1989, the USGTF is one of 35 member nations that make up the World Golf Teachers Federation®. Each member nation adheres to a set of Fed...


How To Become A Golf Teacher

To become a golf teacher, go through the Professional Golfers Associate to get certified, study the game intently, and work as an apprentice under a golf instructor. Find ways of becoming a golf teacher with information from a Professional Golfers Association member in this free video on golf.


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