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Let Your Belt Buckle Point the Way

By Greg Ellis

From the time my dad gave me my first golf lesson, there has been one principle of the swing that remains steadfast in my mind and in my swing. This should be a given when swinging the golf club; however, the majority of golfers today never reach the point of a full body finish.This fundamental principle is simple; point your belt buckle to your target, so you can make a complete follow through.

One rule of thumb or in this case "rule of the belt buckle" is whatever direction your belt buckle is pointing at the completion of your swing is the direction the golf ball will travel. More times than not, if a shot hangs out to the right it is because you have slid through the golf shot, and if you remember to look at your belt buckle you will find it is pointed to the right.

The reason that many golfers do not get the belt buckle to the target is directly related to the sequence of motion throughout the swing. Amazing how everything always comes back to the swing sequence. If the swing sequence is out of order, the belt buckle will most likely not make it back to your target and thus the ball will not make it to your target either.

With this in mind, work on getting the sequence of your swing motion grooved by having the following occur: the take away begins with the club, hands and arms starting the swing; followed by a turn of the shoulders to a point where the torso turns and then finally the hips turn slightly. This should have the golf club to the top of the backswing. Now it is time to get the belt buckle moving. You will begin to rotate the hips first to initiate the downswing. While the hips are rotating back to the ball and through, the torso will follow the hips; the shoulders will follow the shoulders and the arms, hands and club will follow the shoulders. By now the belt buckle should be pointed to your target and the club will now swing down the line toward your target. If the clubface is square at impact the ball will go toward the target as well. You may pick up extra distance with this swing method, as well.

Practice this and if you have any challenges, please feel free to contact Greg at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia.

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