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Arizona Golfer Play Like You Have B.O.

By Greg Ellis

Have you ever noticed how many golfers have flying elbows on their backswings? In my lifetime, there have only been a small percentage of golfers that have been able to swing the club in this manner and be successful at it. The remaining percentage of golfers that swing the club this way find themselves on a path to self destruction on the downswing. This style of golf swing creates, among other things, an "over the top" move back to the ball and/or a reverse pivot and slap at the ball swing that usually results in a poor shot. Now that your confidence is out the door, here is a sure fire way to get out of the flying right elbow on the backswing move. We have all read or heard about what I am going to share next. For some reason we do it for awhile and then don't think we need to practice this drill so we stop only to fall back into the bad habit again.

First of all, think of you having B.O. That's right body odor from the armpit area. Lift your arm up and kill your fellow competitors. Keep the elbow down and no B.O. seeps out into the air for them to catch a whiff. The object is to keep your right elbow (for lefties it will be the left elbow) pointed down toward the ground so the golf club can swing back on the proper path; thus allowing you to bring the golf club back to impact along the proper path, as well. Use the largest club cover that you have available for this tip and you will be on your way to more solid shots. Place the head cover under your armpit so it is 2/3 of the distance up between your elbow and actual armpit.

Hold the cover in place by applying enough pressure between your arm and ribcage. The cover should lie flat against your body. Initially this will be very uncomfortable to maintain as you swing but you will get use to it. Now, you will make a few half practice swings to become coordinated at holding the cover in place and being able to swing at the same time. Then swing a little bit longer until you can make a full practice swing. The object is to make the backswing without having the club cover fall out from under your arm. On the downswing the cover should remain tucked through impact and as you follow through the cover should fly out toward the target.

Initially, the tendency is to try to hold the cover in place so firmly that you get locked up on the backswing. Use just enough pressure to hold the cover in place. This is a muscle training technique so swing slowly and smoothly to retrain your muscles. Remember, when making the downswing your lower body initiates the downward motion and the upper body follows. This will be very important for making the club swing on the proper path.

Finally, swing at the golf ball. Once again, start with half swings and then work up to the full swing motion. For some odd reason, everything changes when you try to hit the ball instead of making the practice swing. Hit about 25 to 30 shots with the club cover tucked. After that, try to hit a few shots without the cover tucked under your arm. Your elbow should now be pointing toward the ground and your swing path should be more consistent. The result will be more solid golf shots.

I have used this technique when teaching for over twenty-five years and it works. The secret is to think about having B.O. and you will be on your way to making more consistent golf shots and saving friends. If you have questions or need help with this tip, please feel free to call me at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia at 623.328.5107. Have fun.

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