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Firm Lead Wrist for More Speed

By Greg Ellis

Over the last three months I have experienced various renditions of the golf swing. The biggest common fault is the flipping of the hands. The number one request I get is to hit the ball longer. One key factor is that the clubhead speed must increase to get more distance. More importantly, the impact position must be proper. If you watch the PGA Tour players swing the club you will see different swings and one thing that will be common in each swing; their lead wrist is firm at impact. They hold the angle of attack until the last possible moment and then the hands release. The following are a few different ways to gain the firm lead wrist to assist you with creating more clubhead speed that ultimately leads to more distance; something everyone is looking for in their game.

Drill One: Work in a door jam. Take your normal stance in front of the open side of the door jam. Place the clubface against the door jam and hold it firmly in place with your lead hand. Keep your lagging hand on the club with light pressure. Rotate your hips toward the direction you would be hitting a shot and feel the strength of the lead hand pulling the club against the door jam. Keep your head behind the door jam just as you would when hitting a ball and feel the pulling through motion.

Drill Two: Swing with just your lead hand. Keep the club in front of you and set up in your normal address position. Take your lagging hand off the club and swing the club back to the 9:00 position. You want to feel the forearm doing all of the work. Now swing the club down and through with your forearm to the 3:00 position. This will keep your club going down the line and once again holding the angle until the last possible moment. The club swings on the swing arc back and through with the wrist straight. Do not allow the wrist to flip and make sure to stay in control.

Drill Three: Keep the hands ahead of the clubhead. This is the most obvious of all of the drills. Place both hands on the club and practice swinging the club all the way through the impact position without the clubhead getting ahead of the hands. The clubhead lags behind all the way. Allow yourself to feel the lead forearm muscles keep the hands ahead of the clubhead. The only way the clubhead will pass your hands is if you flip the wrists. When this occurs, the forward arm breaks down and all of the speed in the swing is diminished. Actually, you can see on video how the phenomenon occurs. The lead elbow "chicken wings" and the clubhead stalls.

Remember, the golf ball is insignificant in the golf swing. If you learn to swing the club with a firm lead wrist you will gain more clubhead speed and more distance will be the reward for the effort.

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