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KENTWOOL Socks Review

KENTWOOL Socks Review

By Larry Berle

As most of you know I write about travel and mostly about golf travel. But sometimes I write about golf equipment if I get introduced to something noteworthy. As out of character as this may seem this article is about Socks. Yep!!! Socks-

For years I just bought normal off the shelf, athletic socks and wore them to the gym, whenever I played golf or for other outdoor activities.

When I was introduced to these Kentwool socks at the International Network of Golf meeting, I thought "So what" Then they told me they are Merino wool and I still thought "So what". Then I looked at their design and thought "These are kind of fun" Then they showed me a list of PGA tour players and caddies who wear them and I started to pay more attention. Players like Ryan Moore, David Toms, Matt Kuchar, Ben Martin, Ryan Palmer to name a few. Finally they told me over 100 tour caddies wear them. These guys walk 6-7 miles a day with a big heavy bag on their back. Thats when the lightbulb went off in my head and I said, There must be something here.

So I got a pair and wore them to play golf on one of those 100 degree plus summer days here in Phoenix. Normally I would have come home with sweaty socks and sweaty tired feet, but this day I came home with dry comfortable socks and feet. Then I looked in the mirror and asked "OK is this just me? is this an unusual experience? So I got a couple more pair and had my friends try them. They had the same response as me

I am ordering more and getting rid of all my old sports socks. And thats why I am writing this article.
Here they are- aren't they colorful?

Their website states:
Hypoallergenic Merino Wool is Mother Nature's smart fiber. 1) It's soft, so it feels good against you're skin. 2) It's absorbent, and will not get heavy or cause friction. 3) It's breathable, and creates a micro-climate for your body. 4) It's durable, and able to withstand the wear and tear of walking, running, exercising, and more. and is designed to reduce friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue.

All KENTWOOL garments are infused with a proprietary blend of Super Fine Merino Wool yarn and combined with other premium natural and high-tech fibers. Our integrated technology process creates an optimal micro-climate feature that promotes wicking and comfort, and reduces friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue.

They have what they call a 100% rocking money-back guarantee - if You don't like them for any reason just return them within 30 days for a full refund

And they are manufactured right here in the USA (in case that matters to you)

If you are active check these out, You will be glad you did!

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