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Handley Watches


Handley Watches

- Style and Precision

By David Theoret

Up until lately, I haven't been a big watch wearer, just ask my wife. She was constantly asking me why I never wore that Tampa Bay Bucs watch she gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Of course, that was pre-Tom Brady which had nothing to do with why I never wore it but believe me, it's coming out of the dresser drawer soon! After a while, she just quit asking me.

As I get older, I'm getting more in tune with the whole watch thing. I usually have a cell phone with me, so finding out the current time is never a problem. The less I rely on a cell phone - and I wish it was not such a necessity in our everyday-stay-connected lives - the more I am embracing the watch idea. Belinda bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I've been wearing it a lot. I reason that it does a lot more than tell time, although to be honest, all I use it for is to track my steps anymore. Now that I have a good idea of how much walking I need to do each day, I need it less. But I like having it on my wrist. Plus, it covers up that untanned spot underneath.

Jay Carpenter from Handley Watches found me on the Internet through our website,, and was interested in having us do an article on his new company and some of his new products. As someone who is always pulling for the underdog (Go Blue), I agreed to take a look at what he had to offer. That was pre-COVID and like everything else, the shipment was delayed. When I received their newest model - The Augusta - a deliberate slant towards the golf market - I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Incidentally, the Augusta model was originally set to debut around The Masters in April, which also was postponed.

The Augusta timepiece is exactly what I want in a watch: simple, understated, and elegant. There are no dials, stems, or distractions when you look at the watch. The black face and white hands make it easy to tell the time. Best of all, it keeps great time. It's water-resistant up to 100 feet and the black silicone strap stops it from moving around on your wrist, something I like while playing golf.

Handley Watches is located in Richmond, VA, and was founded by the husband and wife duo of Jay and Alexis Carpenter. The company gets its name from Jay's high school alma mater and holds a lot of sentimental meaning, is based on the simple concept that watches should combine supple, flexible bands with sophisticated, modern dials.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Handley Watches was created to help active professionals transition throughout their days with a watch that is stylish, comfortable, and versatile. As you encounter everything that the day has in store for you, you want a watch that can go from the boardroom to the gym, back to the office, and then out for the night, without losing a beat. Or a minute.

Jay and his wife, Alexis have spent countless hours finding the right mix of waterproof watchbands and both classic and modern dials. They offer Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements. The quartz watches use a battery that propels power through a quartz crystal. It may sound like something out of a Transformers movie, but quartz watches are typically more accurate than automatics and the batteries have a 3 - 5-year life.

Perhaps the nicest thing about a watch versus the cell phone clock I've been using is that to the best of my knowledge, nobody's ever hacked into a watch to steal your identity. And it's a lot easier to get away with a glance at your wrist during a boring presentation than fidget around with a cell phone in your pocket.

If you're the kind of person that wants to put technology on hold while you're engaged in physical activity or just spending time with someone special, check out the line of Handley Watches at You'll look great and it won't require a second mortgage. They just picked up their first Brand Ambassador in Harold Varner III so good things are happening.

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Growing up in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, it was naturally assumed he would play hockey. Beginning at the age of 3 and continuing into his late 30's, he did just that. However, after one too many pucks to the head, he realized that golf was a lot easier on the body (whoever said hockey players were slow) and took the game up.

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