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Tips For Planning A Golf Outing

How To Host A Golf Outing

Planning and Hosting Tips For Golf Outings

By Brian Weis

Other than tailgating at your favorite ballpark or attending a state fair or festival, there are few things that signify great weather more than attending a golf outing. Whether it's the local business outing, a large charitable endeavor, or just a group of old friends reuniting on the course, the golf outing is a staple of the golf landscape and its economy. But like all worthwhile endeavors, a great golf outing just doesn't magically happen, it takes hard work and the right venue to succeed. So what if you've bee1 n put in charge of running a golf outing? Instead of panicking at this new found responsibility, we hope you view the below reference guide to help organize your thoughts as you begin.

Tip #1 - Set and Follow a Budget

A great place to start is to create two columns- one titled Expenses and one titled Revenue. List all facets you anticipate within each column. At the end you should be able to determine how much you can charge for a foursome to make the profit/donation you are desiring.

Tip #2 - Choose the Right Venue

Once you have a budget in place you can choice an appropriate course in that price range. Make sure you ask for references from past outings held at that course and make a few calls to cement your decision.

Tip #3 - Decide on the Appropriate Format

A golf outing is the perfect place to get creative, so don't feel you have to stick to the tried and true Scramble format. Shambles are also great and take less time, or you can also merge three formats together like alternate shot, best ball, and four ball to keep your participants on their toes.

Tip #4 - Have a Plan in Place to Market the Event

Securing a 72 to 144 person event takes a lot of pre-planning so make sure you utilize as many different marketing aspects as possible. For instance you can promote your event at no charge on Make sure to ask the golf professional of your host course for any tips as well.

Tip #5 - Delegate Responsibility and Empower Your Staff to Perform

The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed because you are taking on too much responsibility. Create a 4-6 member team and delegate tasks that plays to their individual strengths. Have a meeting early in the process with this core team and make sure everyone knows what they are doing.

Tip #6 - Recruit Quality Volunteers

They are always 2-3 things that will surprise even the most prepared staff that will happen during the event. The better trained your volunteers are the better chance they have of making the best out of a less than ideal situation.

Tip #7 - Determine a Plan to Buy and/or Find Prizes

This can really help your bottom line! Try to reach out to partners they might not be able to make the event and ask them to donate a small prize. Or work a trade-out with local business partners for golf-themed prizes. If you do have to buy prizes contact Brian Weis at and he will get you in touch with a few great options for discounted prices.

Tip #8 - Think Outside the Box to Raise Money throughout the Event

Sometimes the difference between a huge charitable donation and an average one is thinking outside the box on the course. Mike Lehmann of Ironwood GC in Sussex has a couple unique ideas. "If you are running a fund raising outing we work very close with you and your committee on how you can raise more money for your charity. For example everyone knows about the standard tee sponsor signs. If you sold a ball washer sponsorship you can make more money because the product will be advertised 18 times instead of once," concluded Lehmann. Ideas like this are revenue gems and should be used as often as possible.

Tip #9 - Hire or Have an "Expert" Photographer on Hand for the Entire Event

Photographs preserve memories for a lifetime! Make sure you have someone (or more than one) whose capable and able to drive around the entire outing to get those once-in-lifetime shots.

Tip #10 - Make Sure Having Fun is Your Top Priority

We cannot stress this enough, having fun is the number one priority during your outing!! Most outing are held during the week and require taking a day off of work. Why not enjoy that free time to the fullest! Make sure everyone on staff enjoys the day and transfers that passion to every patron at the event.

In conclusion, running a golf outing can be an extremely rewarding endeavor if it's done with diligence, passion, and proper perspective. Hopefully the above thoughts will get you started on the right track!
So what if you are actually in the outing and not in charge of running it? Make sure to check out the below top 10 tips for enjoying a golf outing from a player's view.

Top 10 Tips for Enjoying Yourself at Your Next Golf Outing

1) If you want to play well and win the outing, make sure you get there early and warm up. Golf outings are won and lost on the greens so make sure you practice putting to get a feel for the speed of the greens.

2) Try to plan your own foursome so you are not getting paired up with the once-a-year golfer. Plus, knowing the people in your foursome leads to more fun!

3) Make sure to bring cash and your checkbook so you can participate in all betting games/events/raffles, etc. That way you'll also be able to tip the beverage attendants.

4) Take full advantage of any mulligans/pieces of string/or throws you might be allowed. Sometimes it's not the best team that wins, it's the team that uses the system the best.

5) Have a consistent lineup/order when you play. This can be based on player's ability or how hot a player is that day.

6) Expect that play will be slow but embrace it - it's not going to change and you can't control it.

7) Get to know the foursome in front of you and the one behind you - it may lead to business contacts or friendships down the road.

8) Know the rules of the outing and check hole events to maximum the chance to win prizes.

9) If you are going to partake in adult beverages make sure you do so responsibly. There is nothing worse than acting like a fool in front of people you know.

10) Most importantly just have fun - you could be at work!

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