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Q&A Interview With True Spec Golf's VP of Sales, Scott Anderson

Q&A Interview With True Spec Golf's VP of Sales, Scott Anderson

By Brian Weis

The following is an Q& A interview with Scott Anderson, True Spec Golf's VP of Sales. Scott recently had a top 10 finish at this year's Ohio State Amateur Championship and works out of the club fitting company's Columbus location at Brookside Golf and Country Club.

When did you start playing golf and what was the first tournament you entered?
I started playing golf at 3 years old and entered my first tournament at age 9, which was the Montana State Junior Championship.

Are you a member of a club in the area?
I am a member at Brookside Golf and Country Club in Columbus, OH.

Tell us about your experience playing in this year's Ohio State Amateur Championship - how many times have you been in it, what was your best finish, what it means to you as a native Buckeye?.
I had an outstanding experience at this year's Ohio Amateur. Canterbury Golf Club was in tremendous shape and the staff up there was top notch. After finishing 2nd at Moraine Country Club in 2019, all I wanted was to have a chance to win on the final day going in. I was happy to put myself in that position, but in the end, it didn't end up working out. Andrew Bailey played great golf over the final 36 holes and was a very deserving champion. Overall, it was a great experience on a true championship golf course. Being a Buckeye Golf Team alum, I think it is important to play in this event on an annual basis. It keeps you connected to the college golfers in Ohio, and also gives you a good indicator on how competitive your game still is. At 40 years old, I still love trying to represent Buckeye Golf on a high level. This was my 7th Ohio Amateur, and 3rd top 10 after regaining my amateur status back in 2012. Best finishes have been 2nd, 4th, and 7th.

How long have you been with True Spec Golf and what positions have you held with the company?
I have been with True Spec Golf since 2015. I was a Lead Master Club Fitter from 2015-2018, helping True Spec Golf run a studio in Columbus, one in Chicago, and a mobile unit that serviced the Midwest over those years. Starting in 2019, I took over as the VP of Sales for True Spec and have been in that position ever since. I manage the entire fitting operation across the United States, which equates to 32 studios, 4 mobile units, and 44 fitters.

Why is it important for golfers to be fit for clubs and what makes True Spec's process better than the rest?
Playing golf is supposed to be fun. When you are playing equipment that is fit for your swing, you hit better, more consistent shots, resulting in greater enjoyment of the game. Properly fit golf clubs also can result in greater longevity for your equipment as well. True Spec Golf's fitting process in truly focused on the client experience. A lot of thought has gone into the layout of each individual studio and what technology is used, to make it a memorable golf experience for each client. No two True Spec Studios are the same, so our clients have options when it comes to whether their preference is be fit outdoors or indoors. All of our master club fitters are focused on fitting everyday as we do not teach. They have all become true professionals at their craft. Combine a knowledgeable master club fitter, with a strong commitment to being brand agnostic, and you can see some pretty amazing results.

Should golfers who are new to the game be fit for clubs?
Golfers who are new to the game can still benefit greatly from being properly fit for clubs. If they start with clubs that are not appropriate for their swing dynamics it can impact their ability to develop solid fundamentals in the golf swing. This will obviously delay their progress and development as a golfer in future years. At True Spec we do take into account where each client is at in their golf journey and have various recommendations we can make based on their personal budget and commitment levels.

Do the master fitters at True Spec only recommend clubs from certain manufacturers?
True Spec is a completely brand agnostic company from a fitting perspective. We carry all the major manufacturers and some higher end boutique brands that clients typically do not have access to too from a fitting perspective. A core fundamental for our fitters is to be open-minded and recommend what truly works best for the client. This results in clients getting the most performance out of their custom fit golf clubs in some combinations that can sometimes be unexpected. At the end of the day, the analytics in the fitting bay always dictate the path forward for the client. Our fitters are there to guide them to the proper selection for their game.

If I was fit for clubs once before, do I need to go again, and if so, how often should I go?
Your commitment level to staying current with evolving golf club technology dictates how often you should go in for a fitting. There is no obligation to buy the equipment, so it is always good to check your equipment when you feel you are not seeing the performance out if it that you are used to seeing. Sometimes that can be a swing issue and sometimes your swing dynamics have changed over the course of time resulting in the need for an equipment change. True Spec fitters will have all of those discussions with you over the course of a fitting. Being fit at least every other year is a good baseline if you want to make sure your clubs are set up to maximize your game.

How soon after I get new clubs that I was fit for can I expect to start to see improvements in my game?
A lot of times the improvement is immediate. However, if you are making a big change in shaft weight or club head style, the clubs can take some getting used to. We always tell clients to give new clubs at least a month until they are totally comfortable with them. For example, when a client picks up a lot of distance on irons, it can take them a while to truly trust the new yardages. If we can help people hit 2-3 more greens per round, then the handicap should come down significantly over time.

Where exactly is True Spec's Columbus location and how can I make an appointment there?
True Spec's Columbus Studio is located at Brookside Golf and Country Club. The easiest way to make an appointment there is to go online to and see what is available. If you are not seeing an appointment time that works for you, you can reach out to True Spec's customer service team as well and they will do their best to accommodate you.

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